The Founders Story

Why our maker makes.

Mélodie Falardeau is the founder and maker of Wakefield Candle Co. (WCC).

She is passionate about making candles and loves the region where she lives. Her first four candles are just the beginning of what she has planned at Wakefield Candle Co.

The website will be updated from time to time depending on her vibe. It will be a collection of all the things that make Wakefield such a special place in her heart.

During her time at her other company, Ambiance Botanique by Melo, she acquired a wealth of knowledge about candle making. The company has evolved into a holistic and therapeutic enterprise that offers 100% natural remedies that are hand-crafted with great care and attention to detail but are made with the highest quality standards. It is likely that we will see more healing offerings emerging as her studies in naturopathy continue.

Wakefield, enjoy these candles, they are meant for you, and in a variety of ways, they are meant to be a contribution from you, and from those that came before you to this beautiful village.
Photographic image of the Founder, Melodie from Wakefield Candle Co. Image showcases Melo on a fancy red tall chair at a market.
Photographic image of the top view of the Bridge Candle. Image is on it's branded muted light blue background.
Image of all four custom made wakefield inspired candles. All candles are shown as a frontal view, where you can see the artwork and labels of WCC's candles.

About Wakefield Candle Co.

In the middle of working on other projects, Melo suddenly had an aha moment on how to share Wakefield with everybody. And as a result, the Wakefield Candle Co. was born.

We believe everyone should have access to products that are 100% unique, high quality, and sustainable. In Melo's opinion, Wakefield offers a great deal to others and has for decades. As a result, she created candles out of her love of candle making and appreciation of the village of Wakefield.

Each Wakefield Candle will be made with 100% soy wax, the finest wooden wicks, and all of our custom scents are inspired and blended with this little village in mind. We will hand-pour all of our products in small batches using premium glass jars then label them with original artwork inspired by our beautiful village. Our candles are made with love and care to be shared with you and others. As we burn candles, we carry a message from the past and present of Wakefield.

Think of these candles as an experience or an adventure waiting for you. If you have any stories you've experienced yourself, please reach out. We look forward to hearing of your Wakefield stories too.

About the Designer

Unleashing the power of creativity, Hovski (aka Annie Pandolfi) is an Ottawa-based graphic designer and illustrator. With a mission to uplift independent and local businesses through awe-inspiring visual storytelling, she brings boundless passion to her craft. Thinking outside the box is her specialty, as she helps businesses of all sizes thrive with innovative design solutions.

Guided by purpose and fueled by heart, Hovski is on a dedicated mission to make our world a better place, one design at a time. ✌️
Custom illustration illustrated by Ottawa's local independent graphic designer + illustrator Hovski (aka Annie Pandolfi). Image depicts feminine strength of a females hand doing the rock-on hand gesture with floral arangements surrounding the wrist. Image is soft in nature, and is placed on a lavender background.

We understand how important and unique Wakefield is to our villagers and to guests alike. As a community, we will always support and advocate for one another. In order to make a difference, we hold ourselves accountable for the products we use and will use in the future.

Icon of three hands surrounding a heart. This icon represents the villages or Wakefield supporting one another as a community.

We're wakefielders, supporting wakefielders

Our community showcases world-class artists and quality goods. It's our job to support and advocate for our local businesses. It's time to showcase our superpowers together.
This is an icon of the globe or world with three arrows surrounding it rotating in a circle. It's used to represent that Wakefield Candle Co ships internationally to all with ecological footprint in mind.

we ship internationally

We're here for you, for the earth, and for future generations. We are committed to continuously reducing our ecological footprint in Wakefield and internationally. You can count on us to deliver you the best goods wherever you are!
Icon of a hand delicately holding a leaf from nature. Icon represents being locally hand-made products using only 100% ingredients found in nature.

Local, handmade, 100% natural

Our handcrafted products are made with sustainably-sourced and clean ingredients because ingredients make all the difference.