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Why do you use soy wax in all of your candles?
At Wakefield Candle Co. we only use soy wax for our candles.
Here are four earth-friendly reasons why:

It burns cleaner with no toxins or pollutants.
It is water soluble and biodegradable.
It is a 100% natural and renewable resource.
It lasts 50% longer than paraffin wax candles.
Why do you use wooden wicks in all of your candles?
At Wakefield Candle Co. we only use wooden wicks for our candles.
Here are our three favourite reasons why:

Wooden wicks smell phenomenal compared to cotton wicks; the difference is enormous. Also, wooden wick candles spread fragrances to your room quickly and efficiently.

Wooden wicks can burn much longer than cotton wicks. They make a small smoldering horizontal flame making the fire burn slowly and making your candle last longer. Since these wicks burn slowly, they have a nice crackling sound.

Wooden wicks are easily renewable and, therefore, sustainable. Our wood wicks have exclusive features making them relatively easy to sustain and maintain.

Should I trim my wick regularly?
At Wakefield Candle Co. we recommend that you trim you wick after each burning.
Here's why:

Each burning should not be less than one hour. This allows the wooden wick to work it's magic.

After each burn trim your wick. This simple bit of maintenance allows for the flame to have a clearer, brighter and cleaner burn next time. It also helps your candle last longer.


Do you ship globally?
At Wakefield Candle Co. we ship internationally via Canada Post using the most efficient methods and parcel tracking. Each package is carefully & securely wrapped. Customs documentation is included to allow for hassle-free delivery.
Which payment methods do you accept?
At Wakefield Candle Co. we accept payment through Stripe, Paypal and E-Transfers.
When selecting our e-commerce transaction suite your security and privacy was the #1 consideration. Shop with ease and at ease.
Do you offer a drop shipping service?
Sending a candle as a gift? At Wakefield Candle Co. we provide an international
drop-shipping service. Stay tuned for stories about far-away places that we have sent candles to.

Private Labelling

What is private labelling?
At Wakefield Candle Co. we offer a private labelling service. We will provide blank candles ready to be branded to your specifications. So if you are promoting your business, celebrating an event or creating a personal keepsake we are here to help. Email to get more information.
How long does a private labelling order take from start-to-finish?
Once you have your concept finalized Wakefield Candle Co. will work to create the scent you desire and provide a mock-up of your label. Once approved by you it typically takes 8-10 working days to fulfill your order.
Let's get started... email with your idea.
What does does private labelling cost?
At Wakefield Candle Co. we want to help you with your project so we have kept things simple. For standard scents, the minimum order is 10 candles. For blended scents, the minimum order is 20 candles. The final cost includes a completed candle for your approval with your order quantity. Let's create something for You... email